Exciting fossil human femur find, Nahoon Point SA

The museum took curatorship of a fossil human femur today which had been lithified in coastal sandstone at Nahoon Point Nature Reserve, East London SA. The adult femur (largest bone in the human body) was found on Sunday 14th August 2011 by Mr. Garron Lewis, a resident of East London.

Garron Lewis points to the human femur he found

The illustrations below show the posterior aspect of a right adult human femur. The femur head is absent. More work will be undertaken on this specimen.

Thanks to Leigh-Ann Kretzmann (Reserve Manager, Nahoon Point NR) for assisting in the speedy retrieval of the specimen from the inter-tidal zone. Chris Bill, museum colleague, is also thanked for providing transport of the specimen to the museum at short notice.

The illustrations compare the find with an adult right femur from the museum collection.

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2 Responses to Exciting fossil human femur find, Nahoon Point SA

  1. garron lewis says:

    Very exciting

  2. Garron, keep looking (as we know you will) and hopefully Nahoon will provide us with more clues to pre-historic life along these shores

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