Environmental Protection in East London (SA)

Div de Villiers (Head of the Green Scorpions) and Wandile Mzazi (Central Manager Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency) coordinated a large contingent of rangers and law enforcement officers from their respective offices and Buffalo City Municipality to clean out illegal occupants from the dune forests in East London. The operation started at 5am at the Blue Bend Nature Reserve and then descended to sweep the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve. A number of arrests were effected and a message sent to all transgressors that breaking the law by occupying state and municipal forests illegally will not be tolerated.

Museum scientist, Kevin Cole, familiar with both areas assisted in the operation. The museum has over the years conducted many coastal patrols and illegal activities have been noted and documented. This opportunity focussed attention on the potential hotspots for criminal activity and curtailing the loss of biodiversity through the illegal removal of tree orchids, cutting of protected tree species, such as the red milkwoods, and the unlawful occupation of protected areas.

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1 Response to Environmental Protection in East London (SA)

  1. Desmond Havenga says:

    Good on you Div and the rest of the law enforcement folk! Hope you do a couple more of these exercises.

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