….. a strange insect …. ?

Have you ever encountered a Twig Wilter Bug? In recent years these bugs have become more common in the East London (SA) region and the one pictured below was photographed on a Gardenia species in Beacon Bay.


What made this find more interesting was the fact that the one of the nymphs was moulting and the picture below illustrates this.


Thousands of individuals can sometimes be observed on one plant. Caution should be noted when approaching the Twig Wilter Bug as they can spray a defensive secretion up to 15 cm.


These pictures (top and bottom) show the insect in various stages of growth (instars) scurrying up and down a gardenia tree.


The species has been identified as Carlisis wahlbergi. The immature stages of the bug have slits on their backs (which can be noted with the naked eye).


About East London Museum Science

Conservation Biologist East London Museum South Africa
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