Vagrant Subantartic Fur Seal haulout

A second record of a Subantartic Fur Seal was documented at Kidd’s Beach (EL) on the 4th September 2013. Photos were sent through to the East London Museum by Judy Brown and Nigel Dunmore of a female Arctocephalus tropicalis which was seen east of Kidd’s Beach. The animal seemed in good condition and was possibly resting up after negotiating rough seas during the previous week. These seals breed on the islands of Tristan da Cunha, Gough, Prince Edward, Marion, Crozet, Amsterdam, St Paul and Macquarie.

The East London Museum recorded a male Subantartic Fur Seal in May 2007 further east along the coast at Blue Bend (EL) Рsee previous post.

Subantartic Fur Seal

Female Subantartic Fur Seal, Kidd’s Beach (near East London, SA)
Pic: Judy Brown and Nigel Dunmore

Kidd's Beach-20130904-00150

Female Subantartic Fur Seal are smaller than males and lack a conspicuous tuft of raised hair on the head
Pic: Judy Brown and Nigel Dunmore

The population of these seals is estimated to be between 280 000-350 000. They have been recorded diving to a depth of 208 meters and being underwater for 6.5 minutes. They have a lifespan of approxiamately 25 years.

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