King Pandion of Athens ….

The museum has prepared the skeletal structure of an Osprey kindly donated by George Kockott of Rainbow Valley. The scientific name of this bird is Pandion haliaetus. Pandion was a legendary king of Athens. A number of his relatives were apparently turned into birds. Legend has it he was transformed into an Osprey ….


Ospreys have been seen throughout the year in East London – a Palearctic migrant which travels south to enjoy our summer (October -March), with some immatures spending their first winter in Africa. Its distribution is mainly the eastern half of southern Africa (with a few scattered records from Namibia). With a wingspan of bewteen 1.45m – 1.7m these birds have a journey length of bewteen 4000 – 10 000 km.

A  photo record in January this year of Ospreys was captured by museum scientist Kevin Cole – two birds were flying along the beach between the Nahoon River Mouth and Bonza Bay.

Osprey Fish Butterfly1


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