Enviropedia Eco-Logic Awards 2015/2016

At a recent gala event held in Cape Town, Kevin Cole (Chairperson of the Nahoon Point Nature Reserve and East London Museum scientist) received an Eco-warrior award as one of five finalists in this category at the Enviropedia Eco-Logic Awards. David Parry-Davies, publishing editor of the Enviropedia, is pictured below with Kevin at the award evening held at The Table Bay Hotel (21st April 2016).


Congratulations  are extended to the winner in this category, David le Page (Fossil Free SA) and the other four finalists Digs Pascoe (Space for Elephants Foundation), Makotikoti Zikhali (The Makotikoti Arts Project) and Marco Lotz (Nedbanks Sustainability Carbon Specialist).


About East London Museum Science

Conservation Biologist East London Museum South Africa
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2 Responses to Enviropedia Eco-Logic Awards 2015/2016

  1. Well done Kevin. Good to see this recognition for all your hard work and commitment.

  2. Thanks George – appreciated! Still lots to do …….

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