Young leaders from the Activate! initiative visit the museum

ACTIVATE! is a network of more than 2000 young leaders driving change for the public good across South Africa. Members of this network, Activators, are connected by their passion, skills, sense of self and spark to address tough challenges. They are actively initiating innovative and creative solutions that can reshape our society.


Youth network activates change

By Poliswa Plaatjie

October 27, 2016

Known as Activators, they aim to reconnect with the past in order to understand the present and future better. They are part of a growing network of young South Africans working towards creating a better future by 2030.

ROOTS AND BUDS: East London Museum scientist Kevin Cole takes a group of young people around the museum yesterday. Picture: SINO MAJANGAZA

Activate Leadership spokesman Senzo Hlophe said their journey would cover topics such as roots, heritage, black consciousness and leadership.

“As we look into these topics we will also share ideas on how we can shape the future,” he said.

Divided into two groups, they embarked on bus journeys to visit sites in the Eastern Cape and Gauteng.

The Eastern Cape group visited the East London Museum yesterday, where they were welcomed by scientist Kevin Cole. The last stop on the day-long tour he took them on was Nahoon Point Nature Reserve.

Hlophe said the group consisted of young professionals who were all working towards coming up with solutions that would change the lives of young people. “This movement started in 2012 when we made a call to young people to join us. We have more than 2000 Activators across the country.

“This is a platform where we meet and share ideas on how we can move forward as a nation, with a special focus on the youth,” he said.

Hlophe said the Activate training programme equipped activators with innovation and project planning skills, explored aspects of leadership and values and also provided an understanding of how to navigate the sociopolitical landscape.

He said their goal was to make sure all young people had access to employment opportunities by 2030.

“We want all young people to have access to meaningful employment, and not just your normal 9 to 5. We want young people to be able to run their own businesses.”

Hlophe said one of the aims of the tour was to introduce the nation to their network.

“The network is a vehicle for a new breed of young people who are really doing something to change the future.”

Today the Activators visit the Steve Biko Centre and Biko memorial site. “We will engage with the legacy of Steve Biko and also Ahmed Timol. This will give us a perspective on the leadership then and now,” said Hlophe.

On the third and last day of the trip the group will spend the day at the University of Fort Hare.

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